Monday, 13 June 2016


CAVA II Ghana organized an investment forum recently to educate, and attract industry players who have the capacity to invest in the cassava value chain at Coconut Groove Regency hotel in Accra City Centre for Accessibility.  CAVA II Ghana being implemented by CSIR-Food Research Institute is aimed at increasing incomes of small-holder farmers, reducing poverty, ensuring food security and boosting the economy by saving foreign exchange through import substitution of raw material importation such as wheat, adhesives and starch.

Since the inception of CAVA I project in 2008, lessons learnt have indicated lack of adequate processing capacity to mop up cassava produced by farmers as a major constraint. Consistent increase in demand for processed cassava products presently has also put pressure on the current small number of processors whose production capacities are very low.
However, further enquiries from Ghana investment promotion center pointed out that there is significant number of potential investors scouting for reliable investment couple with sources of information on economic and industrial potentials of cassava. This propelled Cava II Ghana as part of its activities to organize an investment forum to educate, and attract industry players who have the capacity to invest in the cassava value chain. This served on one hand as a ready market for the smallholder farmers and on the other, reliable supply to the end-use markets.
The forum had in attendance the Council chairman of CSIR, dignitaries, the Director General of CSIR, Minister for Trade and Industry, CEO’s of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and Private Enterprise Foundation respectively and the Deputy Director of the CAVA II Project from the project directorate attending to grace the occasion.

 The forum also featured practical presentations from seasoned private investors and industry players, Investment promoters, government agencies, financial institutions, and cassava experts on their perspectives investment. Major discussions were on High Quality Cassava Flour, Industrial Grade Cassava Flour, High Quality Cassava Chips, Starch and Ethanol production.
The Forum brought together over 250 participants  from all the regions which  included existing and potential investors, farmers, fabricators, financiers, Ministries & Departments, Civil Society Organizations, Development Partners and trade facilitation agencies to dialogue, share experiences, build capacities and attract investors to invest in processing and value addition. Also networking platform was created to provide market linkages and intent market to investors (processors) and small-holder farmers.
Participants were taken through step by step product by product presentation on how to invest, when to invest, how much capital one needs to be able to invest, return on their investment, and payback periods by the Country manager.  Brochures containing relevant information on the processing procedures as well as equipment types, their capacities and prices and where to source them from as well as concept note, were distributed to the participants.
A documentary on HQCF with processors, and end-users attesting to its usage was shown to participants whilst participants were given the chance to ask questions and were answered accordingly. It was a successful forum as some prospective investors have started visiting the CAVA II Ghana office for further enquires and directions.

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  1. Wow we never thought that cassava uses glue to create bread. This is so fantastic!